Hicharge Technology specializes in the planning, manufacturing, assembly, and sales of lithium batteries. We started in 2001, by supplying batteries and chargers for mobile communication devices.

Over the years, we had expanded our scope of Lithium battery product & services. We are committed to providing battery solution to meet the mounting challenges facing our customers in the everyday world.

Core Business

Hicharge Technology designs, manufactures and assemble custom battery packs for various military/defense, academic/research and a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Years of accumulated experience in design and assembly of batteries had enable us to provide comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that solve the challenges faced by Customers. We also supply interconnected accessories such as chargers, controllers, Inverters & Converters and test equipment.

Lithium batteries will usually require some form of protection PCB/circuit/device (PCM); or commonly known as Battery Management System (BMS) to enhance safety and prolong the service life of the battery pack.

Hicharge Technology have extensive experience with batteries for many applications and we are confident that we can provide a suitable battery for you. From wafer thin polymer cells to large capacity cells for EVs. Various chemistry types of lithium cells, ranging from non-rechargeable to rechargeable types; and numerous shape and form.

Besides providing design and manufacturing consultancy; we can assist you in the application of necessary certifications like CE, UL, IEC, UN38.3, RoHS, MSDS etc

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